NATA question paper

Below are the NATA question paper collected from Orkut community in 2010.Many of the questions are oftenly repeated so solving these papers will help a lot!This year second question is only about logo designing.For more Question head 'NATA' comm. on

1. imagine tat u r a worm moving in d vegetable market....sketch what u see
2. draw a logo 4 kabbadi game using rectangles,circles and triangles.use only 3 colours
3. using cubes of different sizes create a sense of opening and steps...light and shades
1. u r 6 cm in size u r standing on the table of an explorer would a world map,2 books,2 pencil, compass, notepad and this table is near a window having partial curtains on
2. draw the logo of a shoe company using circles and triangles only
3. u have 1 empty bowl,1 glass,2 forks,1 spoon and hankerchief draw a 3d compostion giving light and shadow effect like light is coming through your left
1.Imagine that you are sitting in a merry go can see some food stalls..giant wheel etc..draw the view
2. in the given rectangular box..divide the box using straight and zig zag lines and colour it using 4 colours
3. using 4 parts of a luggage draw a compo ..light is falling from the left side..shade it
1) there is a inter school quiz competetion going on in an historical school assembly hall.
there are two students in each group n there are three groups. the other three sides of the hall is occupied by audience with the quiz master standing in the middle of one side, you are siting on 2 top row of a side...sketch what you see

2) logo for a TV channel

3)using atleast 4 cylinders show a tall building. show light n shadow.
1) u r going on a trip in a bus and sitting on the window seat. the bus is passing thru a village... there is an open air cattle market going on in the village. lots of bullocks, buffalos, bullock carts & its spare parts, tea and snack stalls on hand carts.....huge crowd of sellers, customers and visitors.........draw what u see from the window sitting inside the bus....

2) a renowned Indian mobile service company wants to redesign their logo.. draw a logo for them so that it attracts customers of all age groups....color it appropriately....

3) u hav six automobile tyres..arrange them and form a visually attractive sculpture, viewing from one angle and light is coming from the other angle.... show shadow and lightning effect....
1.imagine u r a fish n u r in aquarium with your fish frndz.....
a family of for is watching u......n a girl of that family is pointing her finger towards u
2.create a logo for motor-cycle company
3.create a sculpture from 4 cubes.but some cubes are opaque n some transparent
give light n shadow.
1. d quiz question repeatd...
2. mural 4 drama theater lobby....(propotions:10 metre long n 2 metre high)
3. 3 d composition of 3 books, 1 magnifying glass, 1 pair of specs, 1drinking glass and 1 alarm clock....
1)ur size is 5cm. it is raining. kids are playing with paper boats in puddles. you are sitting on the board and enjoying the ride. the kids are laughingat you. draw what you see!
2)make an interestin 2d composition with 5 playing cards using three colors only!
3)you have three balls, a bat, stumps, and a cap. make a dimension stable arrangement and show the effect of light
1. You are looking out of a window..It's a normal window with a wooden panel & horizontal bars (grills) can see a playground with play equipment & some children playing...beyond that..there is a small building & a hospital after that...Draw your view from your imagination...
2. Design a bed sheet for a children's bedroom using basic geometric shapes.Each shape cannot be used only twice. And maximum 4 colours.
3. You have 4 cubes interlinked to each other..Some are opaque..some are transparent..Draw a stable structure..showing the effect of light & also draw the shades & shadows...
1) u r visiting a mall where there are food stalls. you are enjoying your cold drink and d mall is open roof.
2) Redesign a logo for a mobile company filling it with colours of your choice so that all generations of people are attracted towards it
3) u r seeing your grandfather's desk where there are three broad books, a pair of specs, a glass of drinking water, a table clock. now rearrange these items to give a sculpture like look. also give 3d effects and shadows.
1. You-fast food joint-you are at a fast food joint that is open to sky, sitting at a table enjoying cold drink , in a shoping mall/shopping center area, sketch the fast food counter and what you see around
2. logo for motor cycle manufacturing company using circles,rectangles,squares
3. 3D composition of pieces of luggage
Q1. You are visiting at ur grandparent's town and you visit a river bank with ur friends, u see women washing clothes and some are carrying pots.......and there is a temple at a distance............
so draw this view.

Q2. Re-design a logo for your IPL cricket team

Q3. You have 4 pencils , 4 sharpners, 5 erasers , a pencil holder and some make a 3-d composition, of an object made of these which can be used to enhance the beauty of children's room ceiling.
1) you r standing on the footpath,you can see a bus,a motorbike next to it,an auto behind it,two school children crosing the road,zebra crossing on the road,a policeman standing at the meridian! draw what you see from your position!

2)create a signage using aquatic lifeforms like octopus,tortoise,fish etc etc for an aquarium! use line profiles only,no detailing is required! use only three colours!

3)create a 3d composition using an empty bowl,a spoon,two forks,a glass of water and a napkin! show light and shadow!
1) u r a very naughty boy of 5 yrs of age and your mum kept u on the top of the almari an draw the view of the room u see....

2)using 5 peepal leaves draw any composition using light colour combo...

3)u have 3 cubes and 2 cuboids draw a still composition with light and shadow...
1.draw a view from key hole of your door
2.snackbar logo
3.3 books,glass of water,glasses

Below are the NATA question paper collected from Orkut community in 2009.Many of the questions are oftenly repeated so solving these papers will help a lot!For more Question head 'NATA' comm. on


1)You r a baby and your mum is giving you a toy(your in the cradle).
Draw what you see.
2)Using triangles, rectangles,circles,semi-circles,squares.. represent a tree! (use 3 colors only)
3)draw a stable composition using a cricket bat, 3 cricket balls,a cricket cap and stumps!
Show the light and shading effect.


Q.1)imagine you are sitting in the rear inside an auditorium and attending a dance program.Sketch a view from your position.

Q.2) design a snack bar signage using 2 colors and any three shapes.

Q.3) use 4 cylinders,3 pyramids and 2 cubes to design a stable 3d form.assume light falling from any particular direction and show shade,shadow and light on the objects.


1]imagine u r standing in front of a rose plant n a coconut tree.............such that the size of the coconut tree is reduced to the size of the rose plant and viceversa

2]design of a saree using triangles n circles,,,,,,,,,,,,,,use 3 colors

3]use 3 candles one square box and 3 create 3dimensional form


1)you r standing in the lobby of a secondary school which s located at d first floor. u r looking at d courtyard which s surrounded by class rooms n play area. draw what u would see..
2) design a mural to b put on d wall of a secondary school using 4 hexagons,3squares,2 circles n colour it using any 3 colors
3)i have a small shelf in my bathroom ( 3" by 6"). i have to keep 3 toothbrushes in a holder,a shampoo bottle,shaving cream,soap dispenser. arrange them in an interesting manner


1) you are a bird flying over a historical monument. draw what u see.

2)draw a boxing logo for Delhi 2010 using triangles circles and rectangles and any 3 colors of u are choice.

3) draw an interesting 3d figure using 2 square boxes ,one pyramid and one rectangle.
show the effect of light and shade the objects.


1. Imagine u are standing near the window of your third floor apartment on a rainy day and you are seeing kids playing football in the open space below...sketch wat u see(50)

2.Using 3 alphabets(any 3) and two basic shapes(a triangle and a circle) make a composition and color it with 2 colors..

3. Make a composition using 3 cubes and two square boxes...also show the effect of light and shadow


1)u r siting on d top of a railway coach and the train is halted at the station...draw what u see.
2)using d parts of a flower design a anchal (palloo) of a saree color it using 3 colors..
3)using 3 cubes and 2 squares draw a 3d composition with d effect of light and shadow..


i) flag hoisting from your point of view

ii)logo design for a group of hotels

iii)use 7 cylinders to make a stable design


1) Imagine u r at a lawyers cabin for discussing a case, but there's someone who wants to urgently meet the lawyer so he leaves the cabin for a couple of pass ur time u luk at the wall behind his chair. On the wall are racks of books of similar kind neatly arranged, there is notepad, pen stand, telephone & and a few books from the rack on his table. Depict the scene how it will look from you are chair!

2) Design a LOGO FOR THE COMMONWEALTH 2010 for a kabaddi game using circles, rectangles and triangles. use only 3 colours

3) Make a stable 3d composition using 2 pyramids, 3 cubes, 3 the effect of light and shadow


1. Imagine you are looking through your window in the third floor down which has some children playing football in the rain. Draw what you would see.

2. Using 8 equilateral triangles of various sizes, create an interesting composition

3. Consider 7 cylinders, different sizes and assume the light is falling from a particular place, draw the shadows and shadings.


-imagine u r a bird and sitting on edge of nest having some eggs.a little curious boy is trying to climb the tree to see what is inside the nest.

-use any basic shape and alphabet in any no to represent logo of a car.

-put together 3 candles,3 prism and 1 sq box to create stable arrangement

-u r standing in u are balcony which is at d 1st floor and u r looking at bus stop. there r no. of people waiting 4 d bus,its morning time.

-use basic shapes to represent a tree.3 colors

-2 thick books kept vertically on a table and 1 pencil box kept on that books.light coming from L.H.S. at 45 deg.

1]draw old fort in d ruins
2]use curved lined n straight lines only to make a 2d composition depicting 'confusion'.
3]make a stable 3d composition using 4 earthen pots of any shape n size,show shadow n shading.

1)you are a girl and your father is along with you in a zoo and a camel is standing beside ..draw the view.
2)using straight and curved lines indicate the logo ''PEACE''.
3)ON 1 SIDE OF WALL of a table..2 thick books are standing vertically atop a pencil box placed.draw it with light and shade...

this is a nata gk collected from a

Time : 40 minutes Marks : 40

Name ……………………………………………………………………………

Date …………………………

Q. 1. Nandalal Bose was a famous
a) sculptor b) painter c) scientist d) architect

Q. 2. In which state of India the famous Sun temple of Modhera is situated?
a) Maharashtra b) Gujarat c) Uttar Pradesh d) Madhya Pradesh

Q. 3. In which year the Sir J.J. School of Art, Mumbai was established?
a) 1857 b) 1935 c) 1960 d) 1980

Q. 4. Who was a famous artist from the following?
a) N.S. Bendre b) Salman Rushdee c) I. K. Gujral d) Sarojini Naidu

Q. 5. One MB of computer memory is equal to
a) 1000 KB b) 1024 KB c) 100 KB d) 512 KB

Q. 6. Which is the hardest stone from the following?
a) Marble b) Granite c) Limestone d) Basalt

Q. 7. Stonehenge structure is an example of
a) Dome architecture b) Post and Lintel c) Arch d) Concrete

Q. 8. How old are the famous ruins of Indus valley civilization at Mohen jo daro?
a) around 500 years b) around 1000 years c) around 5000 years d) around 20000 years

Q. 9. Manneken piss is a
a) Sculpture of a young boy b) Painting of a lady c) Monument d) Tomb

Q. 10. Mesopotamia is the ancient name of today’s
a) Afghanistan b) America c) Egypt d) Iraq

Q. 11. The famous painting ‘The starry night’ was painted by
a) Vincent Vangogh b) Pablo Picasso c) Leonardo da Vinci d) None of these.

Q. 12. The Petronas towers are situated in
a) U.S.A. b) China c) France d) Malaysia

Q.13. The famous monument ‘Bird’s Nest’ is a
a) Temple b) Olympic Stadium c) Tower d) Hospital

Q. 14. The letters ‘J.J.’ of Sir J.J. schoo of art mean
a) Sir Jahangir Jamshetjee B) Sir Jeejibhoy Jamshetjee c) Sir Jamshetjee Jeejeebhoy d) none of these.

Q.15. ‘Mickey Mouse’ was created by
a) Walt Disney b) Warner brothers c) Charlie Chaplin d) Cartoon network

Q. 16. Orange is a
a) cool colour. b) warm colour. c) complementary colour. d) primary colour.

Q.17. Laurie Baker was a famous
a) architect b) painter c) sculptor d) musician

Q.18. Warli art is a type of
a) tribal art b) modern art c) child art d) simplified art

Q.19. Edward Munch is famous for
a) ‘The scream’ b) chocolates c) his music d) none of these

Q.20. The name Michel Angelo is famous for
a) Art b) dance c) politics d) medicines

Q.21. ‘Pieta’ is the name of a famous
a) City b) country c) Painter d) sculpture

Q.22. ‘Pakhwaz’ is a
a) musical instrument b) monument c) fort d) painting

Q.23. Music created by Ravindranath Tagore is known as
a) Bengal music. b) Rabindra sangeet. c) Tagore sangeet. d) Indian music.

Q.24. Ravindranath Tagore was awarded Nobel prize in the year
a) 1900 b) 1913 c) 1930 d) 1941

Q.25. The Sistine Chapel is situated in
a) London b) Vatican city c) France d) U.S.A.

Q. 26. The Mount Mary church is in
a) Mumbai b) Delhi c) Kolkata d) Chennai

Q. 27. Harappa is Known for
a) sports. b) temple. c) Indus valley civilization. d) paintings.

Q. 28. Red fort at Delhi was built by Mughal emperor
a) Akbar b) Jahangir c) Shahjahan d) none of these

Q. 29. Salim Chisti was a
a) Scientist b) Sufi Saint c) Musician d) artist

Q. 30. The sculptures of Henry Moore are
a) abstract b) realistic c) relief d) grotesque

Q. 31. ‘Kuchipudi’ is a type of
a) painting b) singing c) dance d) martial arts

Q.32. Pandit D.V. Paluskar is known for his contribution in
a) painting b) dance c) music d) sports

Q.33. Who is a famous cartoonist from the following?
a) K. R. Narayanan b) Mario Miranda c) Balasubramaniam d) M.F. Hussain

Q.34. Which of the Indian former prime ministers was an artist?
a) Indira Gandhi b) Charan Singh c) Rajiv Gandhi d) V.P. Singh

Q.35. Dilip Chabria is a well-known
a) painter b) sculptor c) car designer d) architect

Q.36. Which of the following is a rock cut temple?
a) Lingaraj Mandir b) Birla Mandir c) Kailas Mandir d) Konark Sun Temple

Q. 37. Sitara Devi is the master of
a) Instrumental music b) Singing c) Kathak d) Bharatnatyam

Q.38. The famous Rock Garden is situated at
a) Chandigarh. b) Delhi. c) Kolkata. d) Hyderabad.

Q. 39. ‘Lust for Life’ is a biography of
a) M.F. Hussein b) Vincent Van Gogh c) Pablo Picasso d) Ravindranath Tagore

Q.40. The name Pandit Ravi Shankar is associated with
a) music. b) sports. c) spiritualism. d) Literature.

Q.41. The name V. Shantaram is associated with
a) painting b) architecture c) film making d) sculpture

Q.42. Mahatma Gandhi was born in the year
a) 1849 b) 1869 c) 1889 d) 1899

Q.43. Which of the following is the opaque medium of colouring?
a) water colours b) oil pastels c) crayons d) pencils

Q.44. Charminar at Hyderabad is a
a) victory memorial b) tomb c) fort d) mosque

Q.45. B.F.A. means
a) Bachelor of Fine Art. b) Bachelor of Folk Art. c) Bachelor of Fashion Art. d) none of these.


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